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by spotted pony

Good Morning people!!! 5:45 a.m. and we are all up and ready to commute. Bienvenidos de los estados unidos ahora trabajo! Jockey up to the(Dunkin Doughnuts )local coffee and doughnuts drive thru and be a consumer. Help the economy grow. What you pay for that morning jolt($1:99) is helping to fuel the economy. Gas is what really fuels it but too many wars oil and futures monopolies no thinking technology without smart politics has raised the price; thats the law of supply and demand. The countries that got it know it. The USA will PAY! The streets of america are paved with gold unfortunately all the real estate is in foreclosure. Bon Voyage! The politicians are all rich and famous and at the same time they are making the rules, they are all notorious. We are all doomed to NOT live the american dream, no wonder the rest of the world sees the USA as getting weaker? Why? wait a minute, last time I heard the USA owed China our grandkids legacy in foreign debt? Global warming, oh that is not important to me only to those third world countries that are both the offended and the offenders Wait a minute did the future just sort of appear without anyone knowing it was coming? Can you speak mandarin? Is it hot in here or is it me?

Global warming is advancing at such an alarming rate that protests in the streets mean nothing really. Pay check? Where do you cash it when the banks and all the a.t.m.'s are under water? What is the purpose of a protest that has no logical conclusion but obscene climate change. Don't f##k with Mother Nature she can get bitchy. What will the world population do when hundreds of millions of people are displaced due to rising ocean levels? What will they eat while they are displaced? How will the world cope with that? Did you know that the antarctic shelf is rapidly melting faster than previously imagined. Food for thought. The next time you pollute, or never recycle anything because it is too much of a bother or time consuming, think of your grandkids and what they will inherit in the wind. The future is theirs my friend, lets give them something better not an irreversible disaster. If oceans rise considerably there will be hell to pay! By the way my friend how is your breaststroke?

Contact your mayor, city councilman, congressman, and lobby for climate control. Your grandkids will love you for it. Write to your county senators and be outraged, write to your state senators. Get some action it is your right. Do you pay taxes? It is your right to speak up for your cause. Take part in the next election. Make your vote count by talking about the issues at hand before the election with friends and family, participate in the process however simply, like I said it's your grandkids legacy take an interest in it. The world would be a better place if everyone took an active part in our future. Take your active part now. Peace JC


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